Ishaan TPR was established by Mr. Deevik Garg and Mr. Nitin Jindal to cater to the ever growing and quality conscious market of TPR compounds used in footwear soles. The promoters have over 15 years of experience in footwear industry and understand the sensitivity of the customers who are making soles for top footwear brands in Europe, USA, India and other countries.
The production unit is a state of the art facility with high capacity and high quality machines. There is a strong focus on testing and R&D which ensures error free delivery to customers. The products are customized based on customer preferences and the effort is to ensure a happy customer.
Ishaan is unique in the way it is able to adapt to the different needs of customers and able to offer exact solution. The product (iTPR) goes through various testing parameters and is able to satisfy all the parameters of footwear industry and FDDI.

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